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A unique voice to make your stories come to life! 

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About Veronica

Veronica lives in LA with her husband. As a child Barrera was always creative, her ability to draw sparked a movement in Voice Over. She is Hispanic and Native American. Barrera has studied with Bill Holmes, Mela Lee, Richard Horvitz, Charlie Adler, Adventures in Voice Acting, Julie Maddalena, Groundlings School, Kalmenson and Kalmenson, Marc Scott, Kirsten Day and many others. Her voice sounds like Kristen Schaal and Patti Deutsch. Barrera loves watching TV and Film Animation; her favorite characters are Stitch and Bart Simpson. When Veronica isn't doing VO, she likes hiking, golfing and tennis.

Recent Clients

Roz Wells and The Vortex - Animation Pilot - Jack Cusumano

Lead Singer: Roz We

Monster YouTube Show - MMD

Sachi the neighbor and Ume the employee

Lubna and Pebble, Children's Book


ABC's (Honoring Military Families) YouTube - Progressongs

Hunter, The Little Boy

Spanish Days of the week - Progressongs

Additional Voices

Onyx Equinox Anime - Crunchyroll

Additional Voices

Several Clubhouse Table Reads - Audiotorium and Sci Fi Matters Club

Boy & Girl Characters, Adult Voices

Special Skills

- Spanish Accent

- British Accent

- Southern Accent

- New York Accent

- French Accent

- Russian Accent

- Australian Accent

- Irish Accent

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