She lives in LA with her husband. Growing up in Michigan, she remembers her four seasons very well. As a child she was always creative, her ability to draw sparked a movement in Voice Over. Veronica has always had a flare for the dramatic. She would put on plays and puppet shows for her parents. She loves watching TV and Film Animation; her favorite characters are Stitch and Bart Simpson. When she isn't doing VO, she likes hiking, biking and tennis.

About Me

Previous Clients Include:

Onyx Equinox Anime Show | Voiceover | Crunchyroll

Additional Voices

Toy Pirate Commercial | Voiceover | JMP

Additional Voices

Special Skills

-Spanish Accent

-British Accent

-Southern Accent

-New York Accent

-French Accent

-Russian Accent

Roz Wells and The Vortex | Animation Pilot | Jack Cusumano

Lead Singer Roz Wells

Training & Workshops

Monster YouTube Show | MMD

Sachi, the neighbor and Ume the employee

Lubna and Pebble, Childrens Book | Learning Ally


ABC's (Honoring Military Families) Youtube | Progressongs 

The Little Boy Hunter

Spanish Days of the Week | Progressongs 

Additional Voices

WandaVision S1E5 Live Table Read | Sci Fi Matters Clubhouse

Tommy Maximoff

Stranger Things S1E4 Live Table Read | Sci Fi Matters Clubhouse

Dustin and O'Bannon

The VO Clinics | Workouts | The VO Doctor

David Rosenthal | Coaching | Workshop

Debi Derryberry | Private Coaching 

Voice Masters | Animation 1 & 2 | Mimi/Paulette 

Animation Essentials | Katie Leigh

The Voiceover Network | 4 One Day Workshops

Mary Lynn Wissner | Commerical Coaching

Geoff Grimwood | Improv

Character Acting Academy | Eliza Jane Schneider

Mela Lee | Voice Over Coach

Marc Scott Coaching | Marketing 

Richard Horvitz Weekend Intensive

Finnigan Morris | Acting Coach

Christa Lewis | Acting & Workout Group

Tyler Rhoads | Acting & Workout Group

Julie Maddalena Kliewer | Voice Acting Coach

Mary Lynn Wissner | 8 One Day Workshops

Lisa Biggs | Voice Over Webinars

Groundlings | Improv Series and Workshop

BangZoom | Character VO Class | Julie Kliewer 

Robin Armstrong Voice Teacher

Pat Whiteman Singing Lessons 

Kalmenson | Foundations 1 | Krickett Davis

Kalmenson | Foundation 2 | Doug Gouchman

Kalmenson | Animation 1 | Dino Andrade

Voices For All | Intro to VO | Ashley Huyge

Punch Audio | Workshop | Alex Hyde White

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