Born and raised in the Mitten, Veronica remembers her four seasons very well. As a child she was always creative, her ability to draw sparked a movement in Voice Over. Veronica has always had a flare for the dramatic. She would put on plays and puppet shows for her parents. She loves watching TV and Film Animation; her favorite characters are Stitch and Bart Simpson. She lives in Los Angeles with her Husband. When she isn't doing VO, she likes hiking, biking, tennis and running. 

About Me

Previous Clients Include:

Onyx Equinox Anime Show | Voiceover | Crunchyroll

Additional Voices

Toy Pirate Commercial | Voiceover | JMP

Additional Voices

Roz Wells and The Vortex | Animation Pilot | Jack Cusumano

Lead Singer Roz Wells

Special Skills

Ability to do the following accents:

-Spanish Accent

-British RP

-Southern Accent

-New York


Training & Workshops

Monster YouTube Show | MMD

Sachi, the neighbor and Ume the employee

Lubna and Pebble, Childrens Book | Learning Ally


ABC's (Honoring Military Families) Youtube | Progressongs 

The Little Boy Hunter

Spanish Days of the Week | Progressongs 

Additional Voices

WandaVision S1E5 Live Table Read | Sci Fi Matters Clubhouse

Tommy Maximoff

TBA Soon | Sci Fi Matters Clubhouse

A Character

Voice Masters | Animation 1 & 2 | Mimi/Paulette 

Animation Essentials | Katie Leigh

The Voiceover Network | 4 One Day Workshops

Mary Lynn Wissner | Commerical Coaching

Geoff Grimwood | Improv

Character Acting Academy | Eliza Jane Schneider

Mela Lee | Voice Over Coach

Marc Scott Coaching | Marketing 

Richard Horvitz Weekend Intensive

Finnigan Morris | Acting Coach

Christa Lewis | Acting & Workout Group

Tyler Rhoads | Acting & Workout Group

Julie Maddalena Kliewer | Voice Acting Coach

Mary Lynn Wissner | 8 One Day Workshops

Lisa Biggs | Voice Over Webinars

Groundlings | Improv Series and Workshop

BangZoom | Character VO Class | Julie Kliewer 

Robin Armstrong Voice Teacher

Pat Whiteman Singing Lessons 

Kalmenson | Foundations 1 | Krickett Davis

Kalmenson | Foundation 2 | Doug Gouchman

Kalmenson | Animation 1 | Dino Andrade

Voices For All | Intro to VO | Ashley Huyge

Punch Audio | Workshop | Alex Hyde White

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